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The overall mission of the Big League Xpress Baseball Academy is to increase every participants overall personal character, physical strength, mental toughness, speed, agility, skill level and knowledge of baseball.


Big League Xpress has developed a plan that will allow every player the opportunity to improve and achieve the goals that they desire.  Participants will enter the program at different skill levels.  This variation, I believe, is what makes Big League Xpress special and unique.  Participants will be afforded the opportunity to participate at levels that match their particular skills.


There are three different levels of the program.  Each level integrates into the other and enhances the overall talents of the participants.


First there is individual instruction that is given in a one on one setting or a small group type setting.  This instruction is designed to develop a player's skill level in a specific area.  The player may excel in multiple areas but may lag in another.  This type of one on one instruction is designed to catch that particular skill up to the standard level of play that the player displays in his other skills.  This is also used to catch players up that have been absent from the game for reasons such as recovering from an injury or perhaps participation in another sport that has prevented the needed attention to baseball development.


The second level of the program is what we consider the introductory phase into competitive baseball.  The participant will compete in local travel ball tournaments.  These tournaments will be mostly held locally and are designed to introduce the player into a competitive setting to display his skills or even highlight the lack of a particular skill.  This information will be collected, dissected and a program will be developed at the academy to enhance his elite skills and try to drastically improve the lacking skill through drills and education.  The thing that is unique about this level is that even if you have excelled past this particular level and are playing on one of the Elite teams, you can play in the educational league to develop a certain skill, such as, switch hitting, pitching or playing another position that you dont ordinarily play.


The third level is the Elite Travel Baseball Teams. These teams may travel extensively and will try to compete at the highest levels of competition.  These players are developed athletically and possess a great quantity of skill.  These teams will compete in high profile tournaments and Travel Baseball World Series.  However, the Elite Player may play in the educational league, level two, to develop a certain skill.  We believe this program offers a wide range of options to improve your Baseball Skills.


Of course as is with all team activity, the amount of opportunites available directly correlate with the participation rates of the players.  Big League Xpress will design the programs to best fit the participants and the activities to match partipation rates.



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